For Those Desiring Cremation

Cremation can be viewed as a form of preparation of the deceased for final memorialization and not as an end in itself.

Viewing provides a positive and peaceful image and a chance to say goodbye.  The viewing may be public or private.*

A ceremony gives an opportunity to pay tribute and allows family and friends to come together to share memories and express feelings.  It can be public or private.

Cremation Service Options

  • Visitation with viewing and ceremony
  • Visitation without viewing and ceremony
  • Private viewing and ceremony
  • Private viewing only
  • Memorial ceremony only
  • No viewing or ceremony

Cremation Merchandise
The deceased may be cremated in a traditional type casket of wood or cloth-covered wood.  There are also special cremation caskets manufactured by several companies.  Alternative containers of very inexpensive materials are also available.

The cremated remains may be placed in an urn or small burial vault for final memorialization.  They are usually made of case bronze, sheet bronze, hardwood or cultured marble.

Final Memorialization
Cremated remains may be placed in a columbarium niche, urn garden or family burial plot in a cemetery.  They may also be scattered at a special location if permitted.  Sometimes a family member may wish to keep them in their home.

* see article “Why Do We Have Funerals”